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Beach holidays

Beach holidays

There’s nothing better than a Beach Holiday to unwind, soak up some rays and enjoy a spot of swimming or watersports. Top that off with fantastic accommodation and a great location and what more could you ask for. Well as it turns out a lot more and that’s where suntours can really help to find your next beach holiday. Suntours use technology and our travel knowledge to offer something really special.

All-inclusive holidays

all-inclusive holidays

Let suntours find your perfect all-inclusive holiday, simply select the destination, dates and star rating and we will find the best selection of holidays for you to choose from. It doesn’t stop there thought, we offer over 200 variable travel options for you to select, this means we can really pinpoint your exact requirements, which hopefully should make your holiday decision that much easier.

Family holidays

family holidays

Spending time with our families is how we experience some of life’s most precious moments. Selecting the right holiday to make sure all family members requirements are considered is how to make those experiences the most enjoyable & memorable. Suntours works with the best Travel Partners to make sure our Customers can choose from a great selection of family focused holidays

Couples Holidays

A romantic getaway for two in a beautiful destination where the sunshine’s and the shoreline is gently caressed by clear turquoise waters can be the perfect way for couples to relax. With hotel accommodation dedicated to couples in most beach destinations, suntours is the best place to find and book your next couples holiday.

LGBQT Holidays

LGBQT holidays

Find your perfect LGBQT getaway, with over 3,000 places to stay from gay only hotels to nude only hotels. Destinations with dedicated facilities and entertainment, to tailored tours and experience days. With top tips on where to go, where to stay and what to do went you get there! From Mykonos to Ibiza and beyond….

Hotel only holidays

hotel only holidays

If you already have you flights or alternative travel arrangements covered, then suntours can help to find and book hotel only holidays. With thousands of hotels, apartments or villas to choose from and the ability to search for your exact needs, with an easy to use booking and payment platform. For peace of mind, we only work with reputable and trusted suppliers.

Luxury Holidays

luxury holidays

Suntours luxury holidays are all about indulgence, that means the best accommodation with the best service possible in a location that’s just unrivalled for its beauty and tranquility. The luxury factor of just about every aspect of your holiday needs to be at the top of the scale and at suntours that’s just what we aim for!

To be a truly luxury holiday you need access to:

  • Room upgrades
  • A-la-carte dinning
  • Top rated hotels
  • Spa upgrades
  • Luxury transfers
  • 1st class airport lounge access
  • Concierge services
  • Elite tour packages
  • A personal assistant
  • 24/7 service